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Placemaking 4 Inclusion – Reviving Active Citizenship for Reshaping the Societies (PM4I) aims to empower youth work providers and youth organisations by using the placemaking methodology and practices to ensure the social inclusion of YP of disadvantaged backgrounds in jointly shaping their local communities.

The “Placemaking for Inclusion” project, spearheaded by a consortium of dynamic organizations and led by the visionary consortium of the NGO YEU International, CGE Erfurt e.V., Urban Foxes, estel, Sgurdi Urbani, Asserted Knowledge and Annabel Mempel.

PM4I is not about redesigning spaces—it’s about reimagining the potential of every street corner, park, and public square. Here, placemaking is an act of empowerment, an invitation for young people of diverse backgrounds to leave their mark on the places they call home.

Placemaking Cookbook

A Cookbook for Community Crafting

At the core of the project is the Placemaking for Inclusion Cookbook—a rich collection of tools, activities, and methodologies designed to equip youth workers and young activists with everything they need to cultivate inclusive and engaging public spaces. This is not your average manual; it is a vibrant, visual, and visceral call to action. Crafted with care by the combined expertise of partners across Europe, each ‘recipe’ is a building block towards more connected and inclusive communities.

Tools for Transformation

With 18 innovative tools ranging from the City/Neighbourhood Expedition to The Act of Measurement, the Cookbook addresses a kaleidoscope of urban issues. These tools are the keys to unlock conversations about sustainability, gender, safety, and participation, sparking not only reflection but also robust debate and decisive action.

A Visual Voyage

Each tool within the Cookbook is more than a set of instructions; it’s a visual story. Custom illustrations, symbols, and infographics make the process of placemaking as engaging as the outcomes. This visual language serves not only to inspire but also to simplify, making the principles of placemaking accessible to all, regardless of experience or expertise.

Empowering Through Competence

The project is grounded in the Placemaking Competence Framework, a foundational document that outlines the essential skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed for effective placemaking. The framework informs the competencies highlighted in each tool, ensuring that participants not only undertake meaningful activities but also develop as placemakers and active citizens.

From Learning to Leading

The journey from learning to leading is a key narrative of the project. Through a series of badges and interactive experiences on the PM4I E-learning Platform, participants will chart their own paths in the placemaking realm, accumulating not just knowledge but also recognition for their efforts and achievements.

A Collaborative Canvas

Collaboration is the lifeblood of the “Placemaking for Inclusion” project. From local workshops to European exchanges, the project is a melting pot of ideas and inspirations. The Cookbook itself is a living document, evolving through the feedback and insights of those who use it—youth workers, young people, and community stakeholders.

Piloting the Future

As the project unfolds, partners will pilot these tools, refining and validating them in the real world. This hands-on approach ensures that the Cookbook remains not only relevant but also resilient, capable of addressing the ever-changing landscapes of our urban environments.

A Legacy of Inclusion

The “Placemaking for Inclusion” project is more than a temporary initiative; it’s a stepping stone towards a legacy of active citizenship and community reshaping. As the project reaches its crescendo, its outcomes and learnings will be shared far and wide, from the project’s E-Platform to the streets where the next generation of placemakers will stand.

In this sub-chapter, we invite you to dive into the ethos and aspirations of the “Placemaking for Inclusion” project. You’ll explore the conceptual underpinnings that make placemaking a revolutionary tool in the hands of the youth and discover how the collaborative spirit of this project is setting the stage for a more inclusive future in urban spaces across Europe and beyond.