Mission Possible – Pick-up After My Bestie
Σχετικά με το Μάθημα

So, you’re all set to hit the streets with the team and get down to the nitty-gritty of transforming our shared spaces into cleaner, more welcoming places for everyone – and their pets! But hold up, before you unleash the power of your eco-friendly chalk sprays, let’s run through the crucial playbook of Do’s and Don’ts for this mission.


  1. Do Get Permission:

    • Before you start, make sure you’ve got the green light from local authorities. No one wants to play a game of cat and mouse with the city officials.
  2. Do Respect the Environment:

    • Choose non-toxic, biodegradable, and washable marking materials. Mother Nature’s watching, and we want her on our team.
  3. Do Be Mindful of Public Property:

    • Treat every pavement, bench, and bush with respect. Remember, we’re here to beautify, not to blemish.
  4. Do Keep Safety in Check:

    • Safety goggles? Check. Gloves? Check. Keeping an eye out for traffic while chalking? Double-check.
  5. Do Spread the Word:

    • Engage with onlookers and curious passersby. Share the mission’s vision – who knows, they might just join the cause!
  6. Do Document Your Impact:

    • Snap those pics, capture those clips, and jot down notes. It’s proof for your community and inspiration for others.
  7. Do Clean Up After:

    • Once the mission’s complete, make sure to leave the place cleaner than you found it – yes, that includes any unused chalk spray.


  1. Don’t Go Rogue:

    • Stick to the plan, team. This is a coordinated effort, not a free-for-all art project.
  2. Don’t Disturb the Peace:

    • Keep the noise down and the energy up. We’re here to make a statement, not a racket.
  3. Don’t Ignore the Feedback:

    • If someone has a concern or suggestion, listen up. This mission’s about community, and every voice counts.
  4. Don’t Forget to Have Fun:

    • Yes, it’s serious business, but who says you can’t have a blast while making a difference?
  5. Don’t Stop Here:

    • Today’s mission is just the beginning. Keep the momentum going and the ideas flowing for what comes next.


Now that you’re armed with the Do’s and Don’ts, you’re all set to embark on “Mission Possible: Picking up after my Bestie!” with confidence. Keep this chapter handy – it’s your secret weapon for ensuring that our placemaking adventure is successful, sustainable, and super enjoyable. Ready to make some waves and chalk up some wins for the team and the community? Let’s get to it! 🐾✨