Placemaking For Inclusion: Online Course for Educators & Youth Workers
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Here are some resources that educators can consult for further information on implementing placemaking with young people in Europe:

  1. “Placemaking Europe – A Guide for Cities” – This guide from Placemaking Europe provides an overview of the placemaking process and offers practical tips and tools for implementing placemaking projects in European cities. (

  2. “Placemaking in Practice: A Handbook for Practitioners” – This handbook from Project for Public Spaces provides guidance on implementing placemaking projects, including case studies and practical tools for engaging communities and stakeholders. (

  3. “Youth-Led Placemaking Toolkit” – This toolkit from the Project for Public Spaces offers guidance on engaging young people in the placemaking process, including strategies for involving youth in planning and design, as well as examples of successful youth-led placemaking projects. (

  4. “Creating Child-Friendly Cities: Tools for Placemaking with Children and Youth” – This resource from UNICEF provides guidance on designing and implementing child-friendly cities and communities, including tools and strategies for involving children and youth in the placemaking process. (

  5. “The Power of Placemaking for Young People” – This report from The Prince’s Trust provides insights on the benefits of placemaking for young people, including increased engagement and empowerment, as well as case studies of successful youth-led placemaking projects. (