Placemaking awareness-raising campaign

Ambassadors will fi nd good practices of placemaking and social inclusion related to one of the topics that motivate them the most: Culture, Sports, Art, Education, Sports, Health, Housing, Participation/activism, Sustainability, Public space, Transversal. These good practices could be either at the local or international level. Additionally, if some of them already have their initiatives on improving their communities, they can explain their project to others.

One priority of the project is to promote active citizenship and young people’s

sense of initiative through creative learning, intercultural dialogue, recognition of diversity and promotion of tolerance through joint development of inclusive urban spaces fiyting the needs of the communities.

By creating the Placemaking Ambassador Network we find concrete activities, opportunities, and solutions to how to best include youth in the project, enable them to shape their neighbourhoods and become community leaders

Campanya d'Ambaixadors Placemaking Alemanya (PDF, VIDEO)

Campanya d'Ambaixadors Placemaking Itàlia (PDF, VIDEO)

Campanya d'Ambaixadors Placemaking Bèlgica (VIDEO)

Campanya d'Ambaixadors Placemaking Espanya (VIDEO)

Campanya d'Ambaixadors Placemaking Grècia (PDF, VIDEO)

Placemaking Ambassadors Campaign Oslo, Norway (PDF)