Intercanvi Juvenil.

PM4I Intercanvi Juvenil i Conferència Final: Empoderament dels Joves i Configuració de les Comunitats

The recent PM4I Youth Exchange and Final Conference in Brussels were crucial outputs in the Project Place Making for Inclusion (PM4I). The Youth Exchange, held ...
Intercanvi Juvenil.

Intercanvi Juvenil PM4I

🔛PM4I Youth Exchange is officially begun! 🇧🇪#PM4I participants are taking part in the 4 days of a #youth#exchange currently held in #Brussels which will conclude with the #International#Conference on the 21st November. ...

📣Versió final de l'Extracte del Informe!

Dear placemaking community, we are pleased to announce that the final version of the Comparative Report for “Placemaking for Inclusion” Framework is ready! The Report ...

Conferència Internacional PM4I!

📣 You are invited to the PM4I International Conference! – November 2023 🗓️ On the 21st of November, YEU is hosting the PM4I International Conference ...
esdeveniment local

Esdeveniment d'Inclusió a Oslo

Welcome to the Placemaking 4 Inclusion event in Oslo. 🌻06.11.2023, kl. 17:00-20:00, K1 Aktivitetshus, Kolstadgata 1, 0652 OSLO This event showcases the work of the ...