Wandering Living Room

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Embark on an urban adventure with our course, “Pop-Up Living Room: Crafting Community Spaces,” where you’ll unlock the secrets to transforming public squares into personal hangouts. This interactive experience isn’t just about placing cozy sofas and vibrant rugs in open spaces; it’s about stitching the fabric of the community into every corner of the cityscape.

Throughout this course, you’ll learn how to craft inviting communal areas that encourage connections, share stories, and create a sense of home amidst the urban hustle. From budgeting and planning to execution and sustainability, you’ll gain hands-on knowledge to carry out a successful “Pop-Up Living Room” event. Engage in creative problem-solving, master the art of inclusive space design, and discover how to leave a lasting positive impact on your community.

Join us and turn the city’s nooks and crannies into hubs of warmth and interaction, one pop-up at a time!

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  • Creating environments
  • Motivation, inspiration, passion
  • Critical, creative and innovative thinking

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