Urban Foxes, founded in 2014, is a multi-disciplinary placemaking collective based in Brussels, with team members all over the world, creating and facilitating innovative & inclusive projects, workshops in different countries. Our aim is to improve urban health and wellbeing through co-creation. Thereby focussing on the inclusion of neglected stakeholders, with an emphasis on free access, use and creation of high-quality public spaces and social interaction. Throughout our quest we have created a team of expert Placemakers with a wide range of skills such as Urban Pedagogy, Action-Research, Experimental Youth Work, Tactile Urbanism, Co-Creation & Participation and the development of non-formal educational methods. We can facilitate projects or conduct lectures in Dutch, French, English, Farsi, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

Bram Dewolfs

Placemaker, activist, creative consultant and educational expert. Currently researching and developing co-creative methods on the cross-section of Youth, Placemaking & Urban Pedagogy. Skilled in tactical urbanism and participative processes.


Placemaker specialized in cultural heritage, social inclusion, sustainability and permaculture. Expert in both theoretical and hands-on processes. Art historian, social worker and highly active citizen.


YEU International is an international Non-Governmental Youth Organisation established in 1981. It is a member of the European Youth Forum (YFJ) and Lifelong Learning Platform (LLLP) in Brussels and is considered as a European level non-governmental youth organisation by the European Union and the Council of Europe. The mission of the organisation is achieved through the implementation of innovative projects and capacity building events based on the principles of non-formal education, experiential and self-directed learning. In addition to that, YEU also pays a lot of attention in creating youth policies, participating in important youth events on European level and producing educational manuals. At the moment the network includes 33 different youth organisations from 28 European and neighbouring countries.

Tenna Sørensen

Tenna is Fundraising and Project Officer YEU. Her professional background is cultural sociology. Intercultural relations, inclusive communities and social transformation processes are themes that to great extent characterise her professional and personal profile. To her, diversity is central to learning – formal and non-formal – and thus a focal prerequisite for social change.

Culture Goes Europe e.V

CGE Erfurt e.V. is a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Erfurt, founded by young professionals, who are designing, implementing and evaluating local and international projects. Since 2005, CGE Erfurt e.V. has implemented educational programs, led corporations, and developed research methodology on diverse topics, including social entrepreneurship, urban planning, climate action, migrant civic engagement, and more.

Carla Molteni

I studied a BSc in History and a MSc in Environmental Economics and I have been working in research and project implementation in the third sector. I am an EKS volunteer in CGE e.V. and I collaborate in the research and project implementation of PM4I.

Ammalia Podlaszewska

I am an enthusiastic place-pedagogy. My professional background is Architecture and I completed my PhD in the topic of Placemaking and Community planning. In CGE, I lead research management and implementing strategic planning, as well as leading the organization in projects acquisition and capacity building in non-formal education EU and International scale. 

ANNABEL MEMPEL Environmental Consulting

Annabel Mempel is an environmental consultant based in Oslo, Norway. She specializes in participatory and collaborative approaches to make projects more nature-conscious and environmentally linked. She has experience in project leading of local and international projects, coordinating research activities and seminars, and creating strong collaborations between stakeholders. At the very heart of her work lies a deeply-rooted belief that environmental initiatives and social progress are inextricably linked. She believes that to create an environmentally conscious and thriving future, we must embrace an approach that integrates the welfare of both our environments and our communities.

Annabel Mempel

Annabel has a Master’s degree in Development, Environment and Cultural Change from the University of Oslo. She is currently getting certified in Ecological Survey Techniques through a post-graduate program at Oxford University. In 2018, Annabel founded the German and international bookclub “Literat” that aims to create social impact through reading, and she is serving as Vice President on the board.


Sguardi Urbani was founded in Palermo in 2014 by professionals from different disciplines interested in the study of the city. Its main mission is to promote urban sustainability and to foster citizen participation as an instrument of territorial development.  In order to achieve this goal the association adopts different tools spanning from action-research, participative workshops and the experimentation of alternative practices of intervention on the territory.

Luisa Tuttolomondo

Luisa is an urban sociologist and expert in participatory processes. She holds a PhD in territorial planning and public policies of the territory from Iuav University of Venice. She has been working for ten years for ngos and public institutions by providing consultancy in the fields of applied social research, impact assessment and organization and facilitation of participative processes.

Ana Rodrigues Afonso

Ana is a facilitator, trainer and consultant on gender equality and gender-based violence, youth participation and self-development. She has worked as a trainer in the non-formal education international youth sector since 2004. She holds a bachelor degree in Psychology and she is currently doing a Master’s degree in abuse and gender-based violence. She’s the co-founder of 100% Me Stessa ETS, a women-led organisation in Cammarata (Sicily), whose mission is the empowerment of women and girls. She is passionate about education and personal growth, curious and determined.

Claudio Catalano

Claudio gained a bachelor’s degree in Educational Sciences and he is currently attending a master degree in Pedagogical Sciences at the University of Palermo. In his work as an educator he deals with recreational and educational activities aimed at raising awareness on rights of children and adolescents, fighting educational poverty and promoting youth participation.


We are a team of professionals which gives impulse to the *estel cooperative. We have been working together since 2014 so to improve people’s lives in their habitat: the villages and cities of the territory. We cooperate with citizens and administrations in the improvement of their municipalities, contributing our knowledge and experience in the design, management, and planning of public spaces. In short, we collaborate in transforming squares, streets, parks, and neighborhoods into places where everyone can enjoy the city on an equal basis, regardless of age, gender, origin, or capacities.

Konstantina Chrysostomou

Konstantina is a social architect with a belief that a strong culture of community can influence the rhetoric of memory and be used to “heal” the urban space. Her field of interest focuses on complex urban contexts and social segregation. She likes thinking of creative methodologies that make people talk to each other, arriving at a knowledge dialogue through actions that empower civic engagement and inspire the democratization of the urban space.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineer from the Technical University of Crete and a Master’s degree in International Cooperation on Sustainable Emergency Architecture from the International University of Catalonia.

Arnau Boix i Pla

Arnau is an architect and designer, with the firm conviction, that the result of our work must improve the quality of people’s life. His field of interest is found in the relationship between human beings and the built environment, in how people with diverse abilities perceive cities and architecture. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and a Master’s degree in Interior Design from the Technical University of Catalonia. 

Marc Deu i Ferrer

Marc is an urbanist, convinced that not only people with a professional profile have the tools to decide how citizens inhabit the territory. We need to work together to transform public space, when necessary. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the Technical University of Catalonia.

Alba Domínguez Ferrer

Alba is an urban planning architect, and she believes that day after day we nourish our daily landscape with experiences, links, and synergies. She likes to incorporate feminist values in rethinking our towns and cities, as spaces that facilitate and accompany the carrying out of life-sustaining tasks, with equality for everyone. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the Technical University of Catalonia.

Nedjine Gabrielle Dorcely

Nedjine is an architect who believes that success in her field means understanding the identity and values of the residents she is working with. For her, providing support for communities and giving them the power to be in control of their own necessities are signs of relevant urban design. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from The City College of the City University of New York and a Master’s degree in International Cooperation on Sustainable Emergency Architecture from the International University of Catalonia.