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What the e-Space Offers

🪄 Unlock the Secrets of Urban Magic

Imagine a place where each click leads you down a new urban alley, rich with the secrets of transforming spaces into places of heart and action. Our courses are more than just lessons; they are gateways to experience the pulsating life of cities and the hidden potential in every corner.

🛠 Craft Your Toolkit for Change

From the comfort of your screen, gear up with an arsenal of skills in our meticulously designed courses. Whether it's turning a dreary underpass into a lively "Pop-Up Living Room," or navigating the streets in a wheelchair to advocate for accessibility – we've got you covered. Our courses are packed with interactive videos, real-life case studies, and hands-on challenges that will fuel your passion and sharpen your wits.

💡 Empowerment at Every Click

Each course in the PM4I E-Learning Space is a journey towards empowerment. Cultivate critical and creative thinking, harness your unique superpowers, and learn to lead with inspiration and passion. With flexible learning paths, you can explore the contents at your own pace, diving deep into the topics that ignite your curiosity.

🔥 Make Your Mark

This isn’t just about acquiring knowledge; it's about putting it into action. Our courses empower you to take what you learn and make tangible impacts in your community. Dream up a project, rally your squad, and watch as your ideas take shape in the real world. Your journey here could be the first step towards leaving a lasting imprint on your city's canvas.

For Youth By Youth Ambassadors

Repair Reuse Recycle your E-waste

This course is about: Increasing public awareness and engagement about electric waste Motivating and mobilizing youth and citizens to reclycle electronic appliances Learning what, where ...
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Potencially Greenner

Price: 0€ – 10€ Objectives: Build awarens on the potencial of the space Creating sparkling dialogues Sparkling creativity and reflexion about needs Interactive art Specific objectives: ...
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Just change it, “DO IT”

This is a tool which is going to help changing a chosen place for the better by youth and with youth. The course consists of ...
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How to become a placemaker

A common issue in our cities is the dominance of cars. This course gives us a solution on how to push away the cars and ...
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Hanging Out: Community sharing tool

Many cities in Europe are exposed to private property perpetration, which often has an impact on visibility in public spaces. In our point of view, ...
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PM4I Placemaking Tools

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  • Activism
  • City expedition
  • Civic Education
  • Co-existing
  • Experiencing Urban Space
  • Hygiene
  • Inclusion
  • Increased accessibility
  • Interaction
  • Performance
  • Place evaluation
  • Respect
  • Solution-based thinking
  • Story-telling

Your Access is My Access

“Your Access is My Access” offers a unique blend of empathy-driven experiences and practical learning. Through interactive content, engaging simulations, and real-life scenarios, this course ...
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Mission Possible – Pick-up After My Bestie

In this course, participants will learn about innovative placemaking tools developed within the “Placemaking for Inclusion” project. Specifically, we will delve into “Mission Possible: Picking ...
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Wandering Living Room

Embark on an urban adventure with our course, “Pop-Up Living Room: Crafting Community Spaces,” where you’ll unlock the secrets to transforming public squares into personal ...
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Placemaking 101

Placemaking For Inclusion: Online Course for Educators & Youth Workers

This online course aims to empower youth work providers and educators to ensure the social inclusion of young people of diverse backgrounds in jointly shaping the local communities, ...
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