1st Ambassador Meeting in Sabadell, Spain

🥳 Yesterday we had the first meeting of the European project, “Placemaking 4 Inclusion” with placemaking ambassadors.

💜 The project “Placemaking 4 Inclusion – reviving active citizenship for reshaping societies” aims to empower youth organizations, youth workers and young people through placemaking.

💪 The social inclusion of young people from diverse contexts is at the forefront of the formation of local communities.

✨ The European network of “Placemaking Ambassador” will be a space where local Placemaking ambassadors can interact with each other, have access to learning tools and seek help from professionals on their local initiatives/projects.

🙋🏾 ♀️ Ambassadors will support the implementation of project activities throughout, ensuring local impact even after the project has ended (becoming leaders of local communities, in inclusion).

🚀 Among the six participating countries, we will have 30 Placemaking Ambassadors who will act as models in their communities for inclusion and active citizenship processes.