Newsletter #3 – May 2023

Welcome once again to all our PM4I trailblazers and community shapers! As we embrace the vibrant month of May 2023, we’re thrilled to share with you the latest highlights and happenings from the PM4I project in our third newsletter. This edition is particularly special as it celebrates the successful meetings of our Placemaking Ambassadors across all partner countries β€” Belgium, Norway, Spain, Greece, Germany, and Italy. These gatherings have been pivotal in steering the direction and impact of our placemaking initiatives.

In Belgium, on the 14th of April, our PM4I Ambassadors came together for a spirited session that went beyond a mere review of the Placemaking Cookbook. This meeting was a melting pot of ideas, where feedback on the numerous tools led to a dynamic brainstorming session. Discussions delved into ways to refine and enliven the proposals, sharing visions of how these concepts could be brought to life. The most inspiring part was hearing the diverse perspectives on each tool, and the stories from those who had already put these ideas into action. This gathering was not only about evaluation but also about ideation, with Ambassadors proposing fresh interventions that added depth and diversity to our collective efforts.

Similar meetings in Norway, Spain, Greece, Germany, and Italy echoed this spirit of creativity and collaboration. Each country brought its unique flavor and insights, enriching the overall tapestry of our project. These meetings were a testament to the power of shared vision and collective wisdom in shaping vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable communities.

As we move forward, energized by the passion and ideas from our Ambassadors, we’re more committed than ever to turn these shared dreams into reality. Join us as we continue this exciting journey, transforming urban spaces one innovative idea at a time.

Stay tuned for more updates and stories from the PM4I community as we forge ahead, making each space a place of belonging and joy.

Best regards, The PM4I Team πŸŒπŸŒŸπŸ™οΈ