City Expedition to Erfurt, Germany

The City Expedition in Erfurt consisted of a walk in the city with stops in three places defined by the concerns and motivations from the youth ambassadors and the team in previous encounters: Leipziger Platz, Laguna Community Garden and Anger. 

Before the activity took place, ambassadors researched the locations in order to learn about the history, stories, challenges and conflicts of those spaces. Meanwhile, the PM4I mentors -the urban experts- prepared tools to analyze the space with placemaking methodologies.   

The activities led to very interesting questions like: What are the characteristics of a good public space? Who owns the space? Is the place public/accessible? What stakeholders are responsible for it? 

The expeditioners (a group composed of ambassadors, mentors, neighbors and interested people) analyzed and compared the three spaces. The conclusions signaled that Lagune Garden was a semi-private space in contrast to the other two pints which are completely public spaces. However, it was concluded that the differences between Leipziger Platz and Anger were huge and were related to their functionalities and degree of openness to the public.

Once the group visited the three points, they traveled to Ilversgehofen Neighborhood to close the expedition in CGE’ office. The conversation, animated by coffee and pizza, revolved around possible placemaking actions over the Anger and Leipziger Platz, in order to make them more inclusive public spaces. 

Currently, the Youth Ambassadors are planning some activities for this summer in Krämpfervorstadt neighborhood.