PM4I Youth Exchange and Final Conference: Empowering Youth and Shaping Communities

The recent PM4I Youth Exchange and Final Conference in Brussels were crucial outputs in the Project Place Making for Inclusion (PM4I). 🀝

πŸ“† The Youth Exchange, held between November 16 and 21, 2023, gathered 30 young placemaking ambassadors from six partner countries, emphasizing the power of networking and collaboration. 🌍 Each participant, being a representative of their respective country, brought unique insights and experiences to the table. The primary objectives of this gathering were:

β€’ πŸ’‘ Sharing Experiences: Participants discussed their involvement in placemaking and its role in social inclusion.

β€’ πŸ“ Drafting Recommendations: A collective effort to outline effective strategies for placemaking.

β€’ 🀲 Planning Joint Initiatives: Focusing on transnational collaboration to connect youth across communities.

β€’ πŸ”§ Utilizing Tools: Strategies for implementing the “Cookbook” tools in local communities.

β€’ Strengthening Networks: Enhancing the bond among Placemakers Ambassadors.

The Youth Exchange was not just about discussions and planning; it was an enriching experience that left a lasting impact on the participants. 🌟 They shared how the event helped them understand placemaking, inspired them to implement ideas locally, and provided them with valuable networks for future collaboration. The diverse experiences and cultural richness of Brussels added to the overall positive experience. ✨

πŸ”Š The Final Conference: A Platform for Dissemination

An integral part of the Youth Exchange was the final international conference, designed to disseminate the PM4I project’s achievements. πŸ“£ The conference ensured that every participant’s voice was heard, reflecting the project’s co-created nature with young people and local communities. Highlights of it were the discussions on placemaking and youth inclusion and debating about into the necessity of youth inclusion in sustainable urban development and the unique contributions of placemaking. πŸ’¬πŸ‘₯

πŸŽ‰ Conclusion

The PM4I Youth Exchange and Final Conference in Brussels was more than an event; it was a catalyst for change, empowering young minds to become active agents in shaping their communities. πŸš€ By embracing the principles of placemaking, these young ambassadors are set to make significant strides in ensuring inclusive, sustainable urban development.

Stay tuned for more updates πŸ›€οΈ

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